Art Lab: Cabina Exuro

Curated by Ann Berchtold for ASD 2016. Design Lead: Ramiro Martinez, Jr., Electronics: Navjeet Sarna, Fabrication Lead: Paul McCarthy, Photography/Prompts: Arash Afshar, Built by volunteers from the San Diego Burning Man family at CoLab San Diego.

Cabina Exuro offers the art patrons at ASD a glimpse into the Burning Man culture. An audio recording booth built to document the conversations that will shape the next chapter of humanity, Cabina Exuro is a gift the Burner Podcast crew built for Burning Man in 2016 in order to collect short stories that may be shared on future episodes of Burner Podcast or at

The structure is a 10′ x 10′ x 10′ geodesic dome, a triambic icosahedron shape made out of electrical conduit coupled with custom 3D printed parts. These components make up the exoskeleton for the structure, which was then paneled off with laser-cut panels. This shape was chosen because of its spherical characteristics, which have been proven to withstand the dust storms out in Black Rock City, a temporary community erected in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada every year for Burning Man.

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