Art + Design: San Diego International Airport + Amy Landesberg

Autoplast I: Tail Light Swarm: In creating her two-part installation, Autoplast artist Amy Landesberg contemplates our relations to cars, and imagines how an assembly of their parts might take on a life of its own. Using humor and dramatic scale, both artworks transform common car parts into life forms, and model behaviors observed in nature. Photo Credit: Philipp Scholz Rittermann. Location: Rental Car Center, Interior Ground Level

Art + Design

Art is no longer an afterthought in real estate.  As real estate developers increasingly look for responsive models, many are seeing the value of incorporating art into buildings and spaces. It has become a prominent part of the design process.
APT101 is passionate about the importance of art in architecture and the symbiosis between the two. In our series Art + Design we highlight great examples of art + design in San Diego real estate

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